The Melrose Signature Facial

Ascend to a new level of luminosity.

90 mins / $495

Series of 3 x 90 mins / $1,335

Series of 6 x 90 mins / $2,525

A global exclusive for RATIONALE, this Facial Experience is performed by two skin therapists— that’s four heavenly hands—treating you simultaneously.

The expert infusion of professional Vitamins and Antioxidants restore deep hydration and reveal a revitalised complexion. Finally, lymphatic drainage massage combined with LED Light Therapy reawakens a more radiant, uplifted profile.

The Experience

The Melrose Facial unfolds across 90 luxurious minutes. 

This exclusive four-handed facial begins with a luxurious double cleanse to remove all traces of makeup and SPF, delivering a clean and clear complexion. 

Skin texture and an even tone is promoted with an Enzyme Reactivation Complex. This is followed by an infusion of nourishing Vitamins and Antioxidants using lymphatic drainage massage combined with hot and cold electrotherapy to hydrate and reawaken skin. 

This treatment concludes with a luxurious hand and arm massage whilst LED Light Therapy imbues long-lasting luminosity. 

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The Research

Vitamin Infusion
Ideal for targeting dehydration, a nourishing infusion of Vitamin E works to improve moisture levels in the skin, evens tone and calms the complexion. Warming and cooling electroporation technology optimises the infusion to be more easily absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. As essential Vitamins and Antioxidants are delivered, energy and exuberance are activated within the complexion.

Enzyme Reactivation Complex
This unique complex—which comprises Pyruvic Acid, Amino Acids and Skin Identical Minerals—reactivates vital youth enzymes by re-acidifying the skin’s pH to a youthful, acidic level without irritation. This gentle acid fortifies barrier function and reinforces skin integrity by helping to reduce sensitivity and reactivity—encouraging deep moisturisation from within to restore a healthier, youthful, and deeply luminous tone.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage
This propriety massage technique gently stimulates blood circulation to encourage natural lymphatic drainage—the body’s inherent process of expelling toxins. The result is an increase in the skin’s natural collagen production whilst complexion density and elasticity are both improved. 

In addition to being an effective decongestant this massage sequence also enhances the delivery of actives into the skin. As dark circles and visible inflammation are reduced, energy and vitality are restored into the skin.