Our Hydragels offer a waterlight delivery of active ingredients to the skin. Ideal for those experiencing oily or blemish-prone skin, these water-based Formulations imbue hydrating nourishment to reactivate radiance.

Hydragel Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hydragel?

Hydragels are formulated with a water-based delivery system to provide intensive hydration to the skin while gently incorporating active ingredients suitable for all skin types.

What makes the delivery system of a hydragel different from a serum or a crème?

Hydragels deliver water-based active ingredients deeper into the skin than crème formulations, whereas serums work quickly due to their thinner consistency, allowing them to absorb almost instantly.

Can I use both a serum and hydragel in the morning? If so, in what order?

We recommend starting with a serum, followed by a hydragel.

Which skin types are best suited to hydragels?

The lightweight consistency of hydragels makes them suitable for all skin types.

What is the difference between #1 The Hydragel and #2 The Hydragel?

The primary differences lie in the active ingredients: #1 The Hydragel supports the skin barrier and hydrates with a Complex of B Group Vitamins, whereas #2 The Hydragel defends the skin from oxidative stress and brightens tone with an Antioxidant Complex.